Copilot Studio is Microsoft’s solution to support you in creating your own generative AI solutions. The idea of having your very own ChatGPT is an appealing one and we expect to see these creep up everywhere over the coming months. With this we have developed 5 key considerations to ensure you deliver valuable solutions that benefit your business.

What is Copilot studio?

Copilot Studio empowers businesses to build custom AI assistants, called copilots. Copilot Studio’s user-friendly interface lets you design conversation flows and integrate data sources, all without complex coding These AI assistants can help with a widerange of use cases and is transforming the way we work.

5 considerations for Microsoft Copilot Studio

  1. Have clear objectives – What problems are you trying to solve? Wanting an AI solution shouldn’t be enough, build a business case. How does this Copilot benefit your business, your customers or does it improve your efficiency.
  2. Understand your users – Be clear on who will interact with your copilot and what their needs might be. How technical are they, what sort of tone and responses will best support them. This will guide how you design the conversational flow and functionality. 
  3. Integrating your data – Copilot Studio can easily connect to different data sources within your organisation. Understanding what data your Copilot would benefit from. What databases, records or knowledge centres will be needed. Ensure you are comfortable with all of the identified data being able to be public.
  4. Managing change – Every technology change involves people. How you manage the people affected by the change is key. Ensure user adoption is carefully considered. A combination of user involvement in the design process and training can normally ensure a smoother roll out. 
  5. Measurement and improvement – A key element of Copilot Studio is the ability to easily measure the usage and identify opportunities to improve. Rolling out a new Copilot should be a cyclical process to ensure best results.

Copilot Studio is an immensely powerful tool that can help you improve experiences for customers and employees, improve efficiency and satisfaction and can be easily implemented. The key is to focus on delivering the right Copilots for your organisation and rolling them out with the right level of care. To learn more about Copilot Studio, contact us today.