Microsoft has a long track record of offering Chatbot and AI services. With the rise of generative AI and Copilot, this has all been greatly enhanced. In this article we explain what happened to Power Virtual Agents and introduce Microsoft Copilot Studio.

Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents was the chatbot solution within Microsoft Power Platform. It provided organisations with the ability to build custom chatbots for websites, internal users and customers. It had a number of strong use cases. With the huge rise of generative AI, it is clear that the solutions would work extremely well together. With Power Virtual Agents you had to create the logical flow of conversations and develop triggers and branches to make your Virtual Agent useful, which took time and effort. Now with Generative AI you can build better conversations easily around your existing content.

Copilot Studio

Copilot Studio takes the ability to build custom chatbots or AI assistants, using ChatGPT derived generative AI and allows you to build AI assistants to help your business. Copilot Studio uses the familiar Power Platform drag and drop editor and visual approach to building to remove the need for complex coding. This allows even non-developers to build custom copilots. With the new generative AI features you can design natural and interactive conversations, that flow like a real conversation would, providing a much better and more organic experience for users.

You can connect your Copilot to various different data sources to provide it with the information it needs to provide insightful answers and recommendations. Examples like IT help desk copilots with access to the internal knowledge base, or customer service copilots with detailed product information. 

Copilots can do more than just chat; they have the ability to automate repetitive tasks. Through rich integration with Power Automate you can easily do simple repetitive tasks such as schedule a meeting, create a report, send an email, request some information etc.

With Copilot Studio, you can publish copilots to engage with your customers on multiple platforms or channels. These include live websites, mobile apps, and messaging platforms like Microsoft Teams and Facebook. Once you are live and published you can easily track and analyse every interaction with your Copilot. This will help you better understand how your users are interacting with them and help you make improvements. 

Copilot Studio is a new chapter in bringing AI into your organisation. It has never been easier to provide valuable interactions, personalised experiences and automation into your business. To discover more about Copilot studio contact us today.