In today’s competitive business landscape, agility and innovation are paramount. Companies need to develop and deploy applications quickly to meet ever-changing market demands, whilst conforming to ever-increasing standards and risk policies. OutSystems, a leading low-code development platform, empowers businesses to achieve this by streamlining the entire application lifecycle in a single enterprise-grade tool.  

With that in mind, here are five key benefits companies can expect when adopting OutSystems:

Faster time to market

OutSystems prioritises speed. Its intuitive visual development environment and pre-built components allow developers to drag-and-drop functionality instead of writing complex code from scratch. This significantly reduces development time, enabling companies to get applications to market quicker and capitalize on fast-moving opportunities.

Reduced development costs

Traditional coding methods are resource-intensive, requiring large teams of skilled developers. OutSystems greatly reduces this dependency. By empowering less experienced staff (even business users with basic coding knowledge) to contribute to the development process, companies can leverage existing talent more effectively. And with much faster development cycles, companies can expect to significantly lower overall project costs.

Enhanced business agility

OutSystems fosters a culture of innovation by allowing businesses to experiment and iterate on applications rapidlyChanges can be implemented quickly and efficiently, enabling companies to adapt to evolving market trends and customer needs. Internal process changes can be quickly embedded and automated through software rather than retraining administrative tasks. This agility empowers businesses to keep adapting to stay ahead of the competition.

Enterprise-grade security and scalability

OutSystems applications are built with security in mind. The platform offers robust built-in security features like role-based access control and data encryption, ensuring the protection of sensitive information. Additionally, OutSystems applications are highly scalable, seamlessly adapting to increasing user demands and data volumes in flexible containers.  And for the most secure requirements additional tools like intrusion detection enable full compliance to the most exacting of standards. Achieving these goals can be a massive overhead with traditional development; with OutSystems, it’s part of the promise.

Simplified application maintenance

OutSystems simplifies the entire application lifecycle, including support, deployment, maintenance, and updates. With a single development environment, issues can be quickly traced through the full stack of screen, logic, and data, to isolate, build, and test the change that would be required.   

The platform also automates many tedious deployment tasks, freeing up IT resources for more value-add.  And OutSystems offers a robust change control process, ensuring a smooth and controlled rollout of updates with minimal disruption.  All of this leads to a lower overall effort required for the long-term maintenance of your critical business software. 

Beyond the numbers

While the benefits listed above are quantifiable, there are additional advantages to consider. OutSystems fosters collaboration between business and IT teams, leading to the creation of applications that are better aligned with actual business needs. It’s also worth noting that the platform also offers a rich ecosystem of pre-built components, connectors, and integrations, simplifying development and enabling quick connection from OutSystems applications to existing systems. 

And OutSystems is a proven platform, consistently recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms as well as Multi-Experience Development Platforms.  With its comprehensive suite of tools and robust capabilities, OutSystems empowers businesses to unlock innovation, accelerate development, and achieve a significant competitive edge.   

OutSystems is not just a development platform; it’s a strategic investment in your organisation’s digital transformation. By leveraging its capabilities, you can streamline development processes, reduce costs, and achieve greater agility. If you’re looking to accelerate innovation and deliver exceptional value to your customers and stakeholders, OutSystems is a powerful platform to consider.

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