Bridgeall a leading Microsoft Gold partner provides a 2 hour briefing for organisations to see and understand how they could benefit from Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is a complex platform with 100’s of services, Bridgeall provide a clear overview and roadmap.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is more than just a cloud hosting platform. Azure is actually the collection of 200+ cloud based services. Each of these services provides a unique and easy to use service to help you run your IT infrastructure. Azure is embedded with artificial intelligence, for example,  to help take your organisation to the next level of analysis and insight.

Whether your looking to host new services, migrate existing ones or explore the wide range of Data, Ai and Developer tools available, Azure has a service that will support your needs.


Bridgeall provide a 2 hour briefing for organisations looking to explore Microsoft Azure as a cloud solution. The briefing will be carried out by one of Bridgeall’s certified Azure and cloud consultants.

The briefing will cover:

  • Microsoft Azure overview
  • The full range of capability available
  • Migrating to Azure
  • Licensing costs and project overview


You will have a strong understanding of how your organisation could benefit from Microsoft Azure, an outline of what a project could look like and clear next steps.

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