Corporate Social Responsibility

At Bridgeall, we want to operate in a manner that is sustainable, good for the planet and beneficial for the societies and communities that we live and work in. We’re a community of problem solvers and want to play our part in coming up with solutions for a more sustainable future for future generations to inherit. Here’s how we do it. 

Our commitments 

We aim to do business ethically and strive to make a notable contribution to the enrichment of people’s lives through positive change. We remain focused on the following key areas: 

How we’re making change – Our initiatives 

Bridgeall volunteer programme 

We provide a number of volunteer days that we dedicate to company-organised or self-sourced initiatives. Woodland conservation, litter picking, gardening – we’re getting involved with local community projects. 


We are a proud partner of the Trussel Trust who provide regular food and drink donations to local foodbanks for those in need. 

Digital Critical Friends 

Digital Critical Friends aims to encourage and inspire young people to study Computing Science and pursue a career in tech while helping the industry form relationships with secondary schools. We work with Scotland IS on the Digital Critical Friends programme to provide mentors to help inspire young people to pursue a career in tech. 

Flexible working 

We have made it easy for our employees to work from home, providing teams with the tools and technology they need to work from home comfortably – reducing the need for commuting to our office. If our teams absolutely need to travel on business, we encourage the use of public transport wherever possible. 

Our Environmental and Sustainability Goal 

Bridgeall Ltd. is committed to achieving net zero CO2e emissions by 2050 at the latest. 

The company has taken appropriate steps to measure its CO2 emissions and continues to monitor these on a regular basis. Bridgeall currently calculates its emissions through the use of online emissions calculation tools, using widely accepted methodologies and standards (e.g. GHG Protocol). Read our full environment and sustainability statement here.

Some of the charities we work with