We are offering a free 1 hour briefing with Mark O’Donnell our Head of Analytics and Apps. This session is tailored to your needs and covers the full range of data challenges and opportunities. This is a no obligation open discussion with our leading data expert.

Most organisations we help have data in disparate systems, struggle with trusting the quality of the data and pulling together reports is a manual and challenging process.

During this session we provide a high level data strategy and a review of your current setup. We also provide an overview of the relevant technology stack available from Microsoft.

Data Strategy

Most organisations have identified that data is a clear area of opportunity but how do you make it a reality? This is where having a data strategy comes in, having a clear picture of how you want your data and reporting to work in your organisation and a roadmap to take your organisation there.

Microsoft Data Solutions

We are a Microsoft partner and help organisations roll out the wide range of Microsoft data solutions. From Power BI the market-leading data visualisation solution to Azure Data Warehouse and orchestration solutions in Azure Synapse and Azure Data Factory. Now, with the launch of Microsoft Fabric that combines the capability of all three.

This session will be tailored to your needs and can cover a full range of review of existing set up, data strategy, data governance and the Microsoft data stack. We will contact you before the session to arrange a relevant time and to agree an agenda.