We offer a data landscape assessment to support organisations to gain a better understanding of their data and provide a clear data strategy to move forward. We focus on helping you get your data into your reports to aid your decision making.

Our data landscape assessment will be carried out by one of our Microsoft certified Data Consultants. We will provide a full review and findings report with a clear data strategy and next steps.

Benefits of a data landscape assessment include:

  1. Third party review: A second opinion and unbiased assessment of your existing data landscape.
  2. Risk and issue identification: Any risks or issues around data security, quality or access will all be highlighted with a clear plan.
  3. Improved reporting: Getting good data to reports is key and improving your data landscape is critical to making this happen.
  4. A data strategy: Understanding and considering how your data landscape fits into your data strategy and if needed helping you develop a data strategy (a separate project).

The data landscape review

A data landscape assessment provides a comprehensive review of your data assets, data sources, data quality, data integration, data governance and data architecture.

We do this via workshops with your key stakeholders, review of your documentation and analysis of your data infrastructure and IT environment. The review is designed to provide a greater understanding of your existing approach and identify gaps and areas of improvement as well as helping us understand your ambitions and requirements going forward.

Data landscape report

The data landscape assessment provides a findings report. This will be both sent to you and presented in an interactive session. The report is split into 4 main areas:

  • An overview of your existing data setup
  • A clear set of gaps, issues and risks within your existing set up
  • A data strategy
  • A graded recommendation approach – split into bronze, silver and gold. We will highlight all next steps, quick wins and steps needed to meet your data strategy.

What you get?

You get a full assessment and review of your data landscape by a qualified data consultant. A data strategy and recommendation report highlighting the best way to progress and highlighting any risks and issues within your existing set up. You also get a number of interactive workshops with the data consultant to ensure we fully understand your requirements and that you understand the data landscape report.