SharePoint storage is limited and over time many organisations go over the included limits and start to see costs rise. The cost for every additional GB adds up and with SharePoint sites getting created with every new teams site, media files in 4k taking up huge amounts and files dating back 10 years or more it is easy to see how things spiral.

This is why we have created a new service for SharePoint storage management to help you get back on top.

The service

One of our fully certified SharePoint Consultants will carry out a review of your SharePoint setup and using our proven methodology will help you to reduce your storage requirements. We use the analytics available to clearly identify large files, media files and files/libraries that have not been accessed in a long time to drive the cost savings.

During this process we will introduce Microsoft 365 Archive a new service from Microsoft aswell as third-party archive solutions. This offers a significantly lower storage cost while also keeping the files accessible to users.

Finally we introduce a new approach to file retiral. This approach will set up some rules for file lifecycle management. How long should you keep a file, how long since someone has accessed it before it should be moved to archive etc. This should stop future sprawl and help you keep on top of your SharePoint Storage going forward.


  • Initial workshops to agree requirements and storage goal
  • An introduction and overview of Microsoft 365 archive
  • A full review of your SharePoint instance to identify opportunities for savings
  • Full migration of agreed files to archive solution
  • Setup of file management and retiral processes.