Project Description

Surrey County Council had an intranet which was built on multiple different services. The systems were disconnected and often led to users not getting the most out of their internal network as they had to navigate from one site to the other.  

Bridgeall engaged with the team to develop a SharePoint intranet which included well-structured sites and hubs for providing the latest and most important news. As part of this, site pages and important information which was previously stored in the old intranet was migrated into SharePoint. 

Modernise your intranet with SharePoint

Many organisations have SharePoint, but how many have a SharePoint that delivers value and supports their employees?  

We can help you design an approach to SharePoint that meets your requirements. Build cohesion and inform your employees through your intranet. Drive organisational efficiency by sharing common resources and applications on home sites and portals. Tell your story with beautiful communication sites and stay in the know with personalised, targeted news on the web and the SharePoint mobile apps. Using the wide range of options, it is easy to build an intranet that inspires and supports your employees. Contact our team who can help.