React quickly to the ever-changing market and learn the skills to build custom, fully functional apps for your business using Microsoft Power Apps. 

What is Power Apps

Part of the Microsoft Power PlatformPower Apps is a lowcode application builder that lets you deliver applications to your end-users fast. When you build a Power App, it works across platforms, from your phone, to web and tablet devices. This is possible thanks to the Common Data Service (or CDS), which is the underlying data platform that provides a unified and simplified data model for applications and services to work together.

Power Apps training overview

With our Power Apps trainingyou will learn to put together relevant business apps without the need to code. You will get started with the Power Platform and learn how to independently compile a usable app that you can apply directly within your organisation


  • Digitise business processes
    With Power Apps, you will easily build and deploy business app in both Canvas and Model-driven style apps.
  • Connect applications and share data
    With (CDS) you’ll bring your data together and quickly create powerful apps using a compliant and scalable data service and app platform integrated into Power Apps.
  • Automate and optimise your business processes
    With Power Automate as your business service, your line of business specialists can build automated workflows intuitively.

What you will learn

At the end of this workshop you will be able to

  • Create custom business applications without having to write any code. 
  • Learn how to build sophisticated business processes and complex data relationships within your applications. 
  • Learn how to connect your app to a variety of data sources and bring it to life. 
  • Share your apps inside your organisation securely.

Why choose Bridgeall

A certified Microsoft partner, our team at Bridgeall are experts across the whole Microsoft technology stack. We specialise in taking technology like Power Apps  and making it accessible and real. We focus on business benefits and making technology easy. We will work with you to provide the best solutions for your business.