The utilities sector is changing, focus on market competition, green energy and digitally serving your customers is driving huge change across the sector. Whether you are an energy producer, infrastructure manager or water provider you are seeing change and technology is key to achieving your goals.

At Bridgeall we have a long-standing relationship with the Utilities sector, the very first application we developed was for Scottish Power and we have continued to develop our expertise and experience especially in the water market.


At Bridgeall we understand the challenges facing the utilities sector.

Trevi water market

We have taken our experience across the water sector including the water market regulator and control system and developed trevi.

Our trevi product family comprises of solutions for wholesale charge forecasting and revenue recovery and also the market-leading Trade Effluent billing solution. Trevi is used extensively with both Water retailers and wholesalers across the UK.


Utilities services

At Bridgeall we strive to deliver exceptional technology services to transform your business. We are a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner with a team of Microsoft certified consultants covering the full range of Microsoft Technology.

On top of these services we use our extensive domain experience in the water market to make organisations more profitable via our trevi platform.

We provide a full range of services to all of our sectors but below are some services we think are particularly relevant to the utilities sector and have worked with our utilities customers.

  • Managed IT support
  • .NET application development
  • SharePoint Intranet development
  • Data analytic services
  • Trevi

Utilities case studies


Central Market Agency – Market-Critical Central System for the Water Sector in Scotland

The CMA administers the c£320M market for retail of water and wastewater services in Scotland. A key responsibility is to calculate the market-wide settlement of charges between the wholesaler, Scottish Water, and all retailers.

Bridgeall designed, developed, supported and enhanced the entire Central Systems underpinning this newly competitive market.

To assure the correctness of the market-critical settlement software, Bridgeall also built a flexible custom test solution providing rapid, precise and repeatable testing for a large number (1,000+) of complex billing scenarios.


Castle Water – Water Supplier Billing Solution for High-Value Customers

Castle Water is the leading independent water supplier to businesses and organisations across the UK. In common with all suppliers, their customers with trade effluent (TE) are, proportionately, their highest value customers. Trade effluent billing is complex and unnoticed data issues cause substantial revenue loss. Castle had a clear and obvious need for a highly accurate billing solution.

Building from our experience of developing market settlement solutions for the English and Scottish markets we designed our trevi Billing solution and implemented and manage for Castle Water in Microsoft Azure using SQL Azure and .NET. The solution bills all services for TE customers, automatically generates adjusted bills and includes consolidated (group) billing. It is the most accurate and re-active TE billing solution available and bills every penny on-time.

Castle Water is recognised as a market leader in trade effluent billing and in making the process simple for their customers.


BUUK – Service Desk & Monitoring Platform Integration

BUUK Infrastructure is the leading independent provider of last-mile utility networks, constructing and operating essential utility assets for over a million homes in the UK.

BUUK  embarked on a project to raise the business wide visibility of the status of the critical systems in use within the organisation. The aim of the system was to centralise information from disparate IT monitoring systems into a clean colour coded interface so that it would be easy to understand for end users. 

Bridgeall were approached to  integrate BUUK’s service desk with the organisations core monitoring systems. Service desk tickets were automatically assigned an impact and urgency value and new rules created and used to assign a category and subcategory based on CMDB details streamlining processes.