Going live in April of this year, Bridgeall successfully delivered a Scottish Employability Tracking Service (SETS) for Fair Start Scotland (FSS), the country’s newly devolved employability service.

The service will provide employability support to 38,000 people over the next five years focused mainly on those ‘furthest from getting steady work’; with mentoring, skills development, volunteering opportunities and advice on self-employment being delivered through nine regional partners.

Following an ITT, Bridgeall were appointed as a delivery partner in August 2017.

Time was of the essence, with the full project delivery life-cycle – strategy, initiation, discovery, procurement, alpha, beta and transition to live service – requiring to be complete within 14 months.

With a fixed price and fixed resources, an Agile approach was adopted, delivering a Minimum Viable Product with a commitment to continuous improvement leveraging the full potential of Azure, Microsoft’s cloud solution.

Recognising that ‘late delivery’ was not an option, an Agile approach allowed the joint project team to react quickly and efficiently to change as project requirements evolved. Change was embraced as part of the process rather than something requiring many layers of governance to implement.

You can read more about how Bridgeall software developers worked closely with FSS’s internal project team to deliver a complex project on-time and under budget at Fair Start Scotland Employability Tracking Service.