As well as ensuring outstanding IT systems, always on time and within budget, Bridgeall’s passion for ‘Delivery Certainty’ provides additional benefits to our client base across the public and private sectors.

Being innovative and embracing new ideas, we are always willing to share lessons learned from the diverse range of projects delivered, leveraging our experience and expertise to improve existing ways of doing things.

One tangible example of this, discussed in previous blog posts, is Bridgeall Project Management Office (PMO), our one-stop shop solution for delivering a consistent approach to project portfolio management, governance and reporting.

A second example is smartcrowds, Bridgeall’s open innovation solution.

Born from a need to learn and improve using feedback from others, Bridgeall has always adopted a Project Learnings process across delivery teams. The philosophy was simple – the people at the coalface (our highly experienced developers and project managers) knew better than anyone what had gone well and not so well on completed software projects. 

The objective of Project Learnings was to gain open and honest survey-based feedback on the real-truth underlying a project’s delivery, with a focus on learning and improving not blame. 

After a few years of manual data collation, feedback analysis and lessons learned reporting, the decision was taken to build a software system that would automate the process, transforming Bridgeall’s approach to continuous improvement, innovation and change management. The first iteration of smartcrowds was born.

Becoming a regular feature in the Bridgeall Boardroom, smartcrowds stimulated detailed discussion on project deliveries, setting out plans for change – always in line with Bridgeall’s strategic priorities, tracking actions through to completion, ensuring that clear outcomes were achieved improving the software development process for the benefit of the next project.

From those early days, smartcrowds has evolved from a Project Learnings solution to an all-encompassing platform supporting open innovation and the 360 Degree Challenge of Organisational Innovation.

In a dynamic and rapidly changing business landscape, the need for organisations to innovate is now widely accepted. The only legitimate question now is the HOW.

smartcrowds supports the HOW of innovation by:

  • Capturing sentiment, collective intelligence and competitive knowledge from the people who know your organisation best, your crowd.
  • Nurturing crowdsourced ideas, proposals and solutions; selecting the top ideas with confidence using idea scoring fully aligned with your organisation’s strategy and priorities.
  • Taking top ideas back to your crowd with approval surveys and scoring metrics to validate plans before investing; safe in the knowledge that plans match the real needs of your crowd.
  • Tracking assigned tasks, actions and progress making it easy to reach project goals on time and against targets. Communicate and engage regularly, ensuring transparency and keeping the crowd fully informed re progress being made.
  • Providing data insight, measuring impact and reporting back to your crowd.
  • Identifying and sharing key issues, building a corporate memory to minimise repeat mistakes providing the next campaign with a strong start from the off.

To find out more about how smartcrowds can support your organisation engage, innovate and improve, please visit the smartcrowds web site at

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