As discussed in previous blog posts, Power BI is a business analytics service from Microsoft that automatically transforms your organisation’s data into rich visuals. By delivering actionable insights from powerful interactive reports, Power BI enables fast, informed decision-making utilising data your organisation already has.


Easy to integrate with most existing databases, Power BI provides the tools to transform, analyse, visualise and share data across multiple devices. Your whole business in one dashboard.


Since its release in 2015, Power BI has become a market leader in modern business intelligence software being used by a wide range of organisations from SMEs to global corporations. 


A new whitepaper from Microsoft presents a comprehensive body of knowledge covering all aspects of deploying, scaling, troubleshooting and managing a Power BI Premium deployment.


The paper provides background information explaining how various Power BI concepts play together in an enterprise deployment with practical examples of the challenges encountered when scaling Power BI Premium based solutions and how these can be overcome.


The paper is essential reading for any organisation wishing to scale up their Power BI use and can be found here – Deploying and Managing Power BI Premium Capacities.


The paper focuses on Power BI Premium. Those interested in a more comprehensive description of the Power BI service should access the following document – Planning a Power BI Enterprise Deployment.


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Please do not hesitate to contact us if our Power BI experts can be of any assistance. You can also learn more about Power BI in our complete guide to the Power Platform below.


Power Platform guide