Microsoft Fabric is a new all-in-one data platform and BI solution from Microsoft. Taking the best capability from Azure Synapse, Power BI and Azure Data Factory and combining it with some extra features.

Microsoft Fabric offers a range of great features when it comes to the Data Warehouse. Including some great new capability that helps you better load data into reports, resulting in a much faster process. In this article we introduce these concepts for you.

Data Warehouse in Fabric

Microsoft Fabric introduces a lake centric data warehouse built on an enterprise grade distributed processing engine that enables industry-leading performance at scale while eliminating the need for configuration and management.

Through an easy-to-use SaaS experience that is tightly integrated with Power BI for easy analysis and reporting, Warehouse in Microsoft Fabric converges the world of data lakes and warehouses with a goal of greatly simplifying an organisations investment in their analytics estate.

Data warehousing workloads benefit from the rich capabilities of the SQL engine over an open data format, enabling customers to focus on data preparation, analysis and reporting over a single copy of their data stored in their Microsoft OneLake.

Microsoft Fabric OneLake

Microsoft Fabric unifies all your data from disparate data sources in a single environment to establish a single source of truth and eliminate data sprawl.

Fabric OneLake is a single, unified, logical data lake for the whole organisation. OneLake comes with every Microsoft Fabric tenant and is designed to be the single place for customers’ analytics data. OneLake ensures: One data lake for the entire organisation.

Everyone accesses the same set of data by virtualising it into OneLake with One Copy.

Fabric’s commitment to open data formats ensures data is loaded into the lake only once and all the workloads can operate on the same data. Eliminate data sprawl by connecting all your on-prem, cloud-based, third-party sources and disparate storage locations across regions into a single logical lake.

Microsoft Fabric Direct Lake

Direct Lake is a new mode for within Microsoft Fabric. It allows you to load data straight into your reports without having to run a query on the underlying database. This offers massively faster processing times.

Direct Lake is a semantic model capability for analysing very large data volumes. Direct Lake is based on loading parquet-formatted files directly from a data lake without querying the source endpoint and without having to import or duplicate the data.

Microsoft Fabric offers some never-before-seen capability across the Data Warehouse/Data Lake space that really helps customers when it comes to accessing your data and speeding up the process of getting data to reports. These features are going to really set Fabric apart. To learn more about Microsoft Fabric download our Microsoft Fabric Product Guide or discover our range of Fabric services here.