Microsoft Fabric is Microsoft’s latest data platform solution, combining Azure Synapse, Azure Data Factory and Power BI into one unified SaaS solution. As part of the launch Microsoft has added some new capability and in this article, we explore Real-Time Analytics.

Real-Time Analytics

With Real-Time Analytics in Microsoft Fabric, organisations can focus and scale up their analytics solution while democratising data for the needs of both the citizen data scientist all the way to the advanced data engineer.

Real-Time Analytics have become essential in many scenarios in the enterprise world, such as cybersecurity, asset tracking and management, predictive maintenance, supply chain optimisation, customer experience, energy management, inventory management, quality control, environmental monitoring, fleet management and health and safety.


Eventhouse is a key solution within Real-Time Analytics. Event houses provide a solution for handling and analysing large volumes of data. They handle real-time data streams. Event houses efficiently  ingest, process and analyse data in real-time.

When timely insights are crucial. Event houses provide a scalable infrastructure that supports organisations handling growing volumes of data, ensuring optimal performance and resource use. Event houses are the storage solution for streamlining data in Fabric.


Eventsteam is how you manage the flow of data into event houses. It gives you a centralised place to manage the capture, transformation of data and route real-time events to various destinations.

Data monitoring and action

Lastly within real-time analytics, you create the opportunity to monitor your data in real time and action it. Key to this is delivery of monitoring and notifications services. This is done with Data Activator.

It serves as a real-time digital monitoring system that tracks both batch and streaming data and trigger actions based on the data patterns. It can monitor and respond to aggregated data, like Power BI reports, and granular events such as data streams from IoT sensors.

As you can see, for real-time analysis of streams of live data, Microsoft Fabric is well set up to provide capability in this area. This is an area that Microsoft was historically lacking and needed workarounds to get anywhere near the current level of capability.

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