It is widely agreed that the burden of excessive email and lengthy meetings act as major productivity busters for most knowledge workers, with some estimates suggesting that less than 60 per cent of work time is spent productively.

As reported in a previous blog post, MyAnalytics, in Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Business Suites, presents a personal dashboard summarising how you spend your time at work.

The data provides you with insight on how to work smarter by reducing unproductive meeting time, the time spent working after hours and answering excessive emails. Insights provide a complete picture of how you and your team are spending time at work – in Outlook emails, meetings, Skype for Business calls, Microsoft Teams calls and chats, as well as signals from documents you’re working on saved in OneDrive and SharePoint – see How Much Time Will You Spend in Meetings and Answering Email in 2019?

AI Powered Enhancements

Recent improvements to MyAnalytics provide AI-powered suggestions to help you work even smarter.

Via a dashboardInsights in Outlook, and weekly email digests, a new MyAnalytics experience provides insights that are more outcome-oriented in four key areas:

  • Focus – showing the amount of time you spend on ‘focused’ work compared to the time spent collaborating with others in your network.
  • Wellbeing – how well you are disconnecting from work during your time off, with suggestions on how to reduce stress and burnout.
  • Network – showing how many people you actively connect and collaborate with, including suggestions on how to improve collaboration with your most important contacts.
  • Collaboration – showing who you are working with most and how well you are maintaining relationships at work.

The ability to create personal plans, making it easy to set goals and take steps toward improving your work pattern, is included.

The short video below provides a brief overview.

More details can be found by following the links provided above – also Minimize distractions and stay focused with AI-powered updates in Microsoft 365.

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