Dr Stephen Beer, Managing Director at Bridgeall discusses the need to rethink the way we operate to thrive in a post-COVID world.

In our previous DIGIT article, we asked whether the COVID-19 pandemic would prove to be a game-changer in the way we work.

The evidence would suggest that the genie is truly out of the bottle in terms of employee expectations for new agile, flexible, responsive or collaborative ways of working supported by digital technology. A shock of this scale will ensure that there is no return to the ‘way we have always done things around here’.

As an emergency response to COVID-19, many organisations have implemented remote working quickly. But how sustainable are the solutions currently being used? Are non-enterprise ‘good enough’ solutions implemented during a crisis robust and secure enough to support a permanent transformation in the way we work?

The evidence would suggest not with growing reports of security flaws, clunky connectivity and limited scalability. You tend to get what you pay for.

As we move from environments assembled to survive the initial shock stage to modern and intelligent workplaces that help us thrive in the new ‘normal’, it would seem appropriate to address the following questions:

  • What lessons have we learned from the rapid shift to remote working over the last few weeks?
  • How sustainable is the approach we have adopted?
  • Have we established the foundations for building modern and intelligent workplaces?
  • Is our current infrastructure robust enough to support and sustain the ‘new normal’?
  • Are we secure?
  • What technologies and software do we need to support our journey to becoming a Modern Intelligent Workplace?
  • What are our hopes and expectations for the future?
  • What are the main technology and non-technology barriers to change that need to be overcome?
  • What new leadership approaches are required to manage change in a volatile, uncertain and digital world?

The above issues will be discussed during our forthcoming Change Leaders Virtual Roundtable: The Future of Work in a Post-COVID-19 Digital Era.

As our organisations seek to recover post-COVID-19, current and emerging digital technologies do provide exciting opportunities for us to rethink the way we operate, the way we work, breaking free from the limits imposed by outdated legacy systems, management thinking and organisational cultures.

With Microsoft’s full-on pivot to the Cloud in recent years, their products, services and technologies are uniquely positioned to support the ‘new normal’ in terms of the future of work. As a multiple Microsoft Accredited Gold Partner, Bridgeall was an early mover to full-company remote and collaborative working supported by Microsoft modern workplace technologies and Windows Virtual Desktop.

Is your organisation ready to leverage the full potential of the opportunities presented?

Are you ready to move from just surviving to thriving in a post-COVID-19 digital era; or will you revert back quickly to the way things have always been done around here?

Dr Stephen Beer is Managing Director, Bridgeall Ltd, a multiple Microsoft Gold Partner with extensive experience in supporting organisations become modern and intelligent. To support your organisation in sustaining new ways of working in a post-COVID-19 digital world, Bridgeall are currently offering a free trial/free consultancy advice covering the key Microsoft technologies underpinning the Modern Intelligent Workplace including Windows Virtual Desktop, Power Apps and Power Automate, O365, Microsoft Teams, Modern SharePoint Intranets, Power BI and Modern SharePoint Intranets.

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