We are pleased to announce that Bridgeall has joined a network of Scottish organisations in committing to the Scottish Business Pledge. 

At Bridgeall we are passionate about creating an innovative workplace where every member of our team is supported. Our involvement with the Scottish Business Pledge gives us the opportunity to learn and collaborate with other forward thinking Scottish Businesses and do more as an organisation. 

We are delighted to be joining the movement dedicated to making Scotland a fairer, more forward-looking country. By making the Scottish Business Pledge we will be joining like-minded organisations and we will be doing our part in the Scottish business community.”  

Waseem Anwar, Director, Bridgeall 

About the Scottish Business Pledge

The Scottish Business Pledge is a values-led partnership between the Government and business that is based on boosting productivity, competitiveness through fairness, equality and sustainable employment.

Why it exists 

The Scottish Business Pledge’ main aims are to create a strong, vibrant and diverse economy, creating the wealth to support high quality public services. 

Making a commitment to the Scottish Business Pledge promotes fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation in Scotland, which in turn creates greater economic success and sustainable, inclusive growth. It’s good for business and good for Scotland.

The Pledge 

There are ten pledges in total and each pledge from a Scottish business contributes towards a forward-thinking organisation and a stronger Scotland.

  • Paying the real Living Wage 
  • No inappropriate use of zero hours contracts 
  • Action to address the gender pay gap 
  • Environmental impact 
  • Investing in a skilled and diverse workforce
  • Workforce engagement 
  • Innovation 
  • Internationalisation  
  • Support your community  
  • Prompt payment

We believe these key areas are vital and will help us continue to build a great company which contributes to Scotland’s future. If you’d like to learn more about the Scottish Business Pledge and what it involves you can find out more here.