We help organisations of all shapes and sizes deliver SharePoint intranets. We believe a SharePoint intranet should form a key channel supporting collaboration, productivity and document management across your organisation.

Whether you’re using an older version of SharePoint, a different solution altogether or your intranet just needs a refresh, we can help.

SharePoint Intranet Project Overview

Our approach to a SharePoint intranet project follows the below structure. Bridgeall uses SharePoint Online and the modern interface available within this. We use out-of-the-box capability to provide a more long term and evolving intranet for our customers.

  1. Discovery – Working with your organisation to define the requirements, identify all deliverables and scope of work. This will include advice around design, document management, structure and sensitive data.
  2. Design – We will create mock-ups and different designs for key sites and agree a design approach for the intranet going forward. This will be based around your existing brand and the design options available within the platform. Discover some design examples in the SharePoint look book.
  3. Implementation – Once the designs are approved, we move onto the build phase. We will create all required new sites and apply agreed deliverables across the sites. This can include migration of existing files or sites.
  4. Testing – Once the implementation phase is complete, we will carry out testing within Bridgeall but will also require your organisation to do User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the implementation. Any bug fixes or issues will be identified and actioned at this stage.
  5. Training and handover – After the User Acceptance Testing has been cleared, we will carry out training with key users to allow your organisation to manage the SharePoint site going forward and handover control of the site.

SharePoint intranet projects typically take between 2 and 4 months. This allows time for internal resources to be involved in the project and does require User Acceptance Testing from employees. For larger enterprise customers this can be more subject to volume of sites, users and files.

We supply a delivery team made up of a mix of different levels including a Solution Architect or Senior Consultant to lead the project and Consultant or Junior Consultant to deliver the build to help manage costs.

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West Lothian College – Modernising a Legacy Intranet With SharePoint

West Lothian College had been facing a host of problems as a result of their outdated intranet system. Several unused sites and scattered information meant their employees were struggling to collaborate efficiently. Bridgeall worked with West Lothian College to create a new SharePoint intranet, prepare a review and provide suitable recommendations to modernise their existing intranet.


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