To kick off our meet the team serieswe’re starting with everyone’s favourite problem solver Kevin Romero. Kevin is the (recently promoted) IT Support Engineer at Bridgeall, congrats KevinHe has been with us since 2019 and he’s the go-to person for all support issues. 


Tell us more about your role and what it involves?

I’m an IT Support Engineer at Bridgeall. II was describing the role to my friends, I would say ‘Do you know the guy who goes onto your computer and starts moving things around? I’m that guy!’ It’s my job to send the first responses, answer support calls and ensure all incidents and requests are accounted for. Ultimately, it’s all about helping our customers resolve any issues and get them back up and running as smoothly and as quickly as we can. 

How long have you been working at Bridgeall?

So, I started on the 1st of April 2019 and I couldn’t help but think I’d get to the office and they’d tell me it was an April Fool’s joke! Thankfully it wasn’t a joke and over a year later I’m still here. 

What do you like most about your job?

What I love the most about my job is getting to talk to people. I used to be quite quiet and I feel this role has really helped me with my confidence when talking to others. I am a people person and dealing with all sortof clients is a great aspect of the role.

What does a typical day for you look like?

Usually, every day throws up a different challenge, but normally one of the first things we do are system checks or maintenance checks. It’s a proactive check that we do to identify any issues and irregularities that could cause more trouble down the line.

After this I start to handle my usual support calls or taking care of any issues that come in. This involves using our help desk to identify the most urgent issues and start working through them. I normally pick up a ticket and then contact the person with the issue and try to help. Sometimes we can do this remotely, while on other occasions, I need to take over their PC.

Can you tell us more about the the help desk you use?

We use ManageEngine Service Desk Plus. It keeps all support tickets in one place. This makes it a lot easier to record and track all requests and incident reports. 

Most of the calls we get are your normal day to day computing issues like email issues, sound and display issues or access issues. These aren’t so bad as they can be fixed using standard troubleshooting practices, and by standard troubleshooting, I do mean getting them to turn the computer off and on again. 

What is your background?

I graduated from Uni in 2018 with a degree in Computer ScienceI loved computing and technology, but It was mostly four years of development and coding and I didn’t really enjoy that aspect of my course. After finishing up I worked at a printing company and then heard of this job through a friend. He told me it was computing without the heavy coding and I was sold. 

What is it like working at Bridgeall?

It’s great working hereMy team is small but we’re always there to support and help each other out. In terms of the wider company everyone is really friendly, especially McGuire who never fails to make me laugh. We’re a good bunch here!

How have you found moving to working from home?

At the start I found it quite tricky. My family were on furlough and they’re quite a loud bunch so I was finding it a bit tough being the only one working from home. As time has gone on, I would say I prefer it. Normally it would take me an hour to get to work, but now I’m saving so much time it’s turned out to be beneficial. 

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I’m quite a laid-back person, so just watching a good series and currently going for walks is ideal for me.  I recently finished Lupin and enjoyed that. I have a bad habit of starting a series and leaving it unfinished, but I finished this one. 

Something on your bucket list?

Believe it or not I’ve never been on a proper holiday so I would like to do a lot more travelling. Australia and New York are on my bucket list, I would love to go there. Hopefully when we have a bit of normality again, I’d like to tick those places off my list.

And finally, a note from Kevin’s boss

“Kevin has been a fantastic addition to Bridgeall. He is reliable and has very quickly become an integral member of the Managed Support Team. He will always go out of his way to ensure our customers are happy and receive solutions to issues raised. Kevin always displays a friendly approachable manner and is liked by everyone he interacts with, often being commended by our clients.” – Ken Wilcox, Head of Cloud and Support Services

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