Creating web and mobile apps just got easier thanks to express design in Power Apps. Currently in preview, Microsoft has released express design to give users the ability to instantly generate low-code apps directly from files and images. Users can now create web and mobile apps from a broad range of inputs including paper forms, sketches PDFs and professionally designed assets in Figma. 

The introduction of this new feature continues to add to the ways the Power Platform is applying advanced AI to assist more people in driving innovation for their teams and businesses.

How does express design in Power Apps work?

Creating a Power App in express design could not be easier. Here’s how it works:  

Choose your content type: Start with a PDF, paper form, PowerPoint or point to a design file in Figma. 

Scan your file with Advanced AI: Using clever AI trained to recognise commonly used application elements, Power Apps will automatically generate an app with a working user experience and data schema in Microsoft Dataverse. 

Make adjustments and create what you need: The AI will generate a template as a starting point. Here you can make adjustments and customise the app to exactly how you want. 

Connect to your data easily: Easily adapt and configure the application using low code. Use more than 675 prebuilt connectors to integrate with your existing systems. 

Add multiple screens: If you want to add more screens to the app, simply upload additional files, or create them easily in the low-code Power Apps Studio. 

express design in power apps

How is express design different from other design tools?

Express design is a huge step forward in creating low-code apps that any maker can customise, extend, and connect to hundreds of pre-built and custom data connectors. By using advanced cognitive AI models to understand the intent behind an image – this includes the structure of a form, controls, and data – express design is far more versatile than any single integration with a particular program or format.   

Express design is just one of the many ways that Power Platform is accelerating the development cycle using AI to assist a wider range of developers.

Getting started

Express design in Power Apps is included for all makers at no additional cost, so it has never been easier to get started. 

Already have Power Apps? You can try express design for yourself here. If you’d like more information on Power Apps or the Power Platform, get in touch with our team or download the Power Platform guide below.  


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