Data Platform

Having confidence that your data is accessible to the people that need it, is clean and at the right level for your reporting is a vital activity. This is where your data platform comes in.

A data platform is a layer of digital solutions that sits between your data sources and end user reporting and provides a wide range of capability.

  • Transform your business reporting

  • Create a single source of truth for your business data

  • Improve the accessibility of your data

  • Improve the accuracy of your data

The modern data platform

A modern data platform is a collection of solutions that help you facilitate getting data from your disparate systems and sources into an accessible place that enables better reporting. It offers the ability to extract data from those systems, transform and clean that data, store it in the cloud, run analytics on it to create new insights and make this accessible to your reporting tool.

A modern data platform is a cloud-based solution that offers scalable and powerful data processing and storage solutions. It offers the ability to apply dimensional analysis to reporting and run complex AI and ML models to enhance your analytics.

The key focus on a data platform is to create a strong base for reporting, it helps mitigate the below reporting challenges saving you time and money:

  • Combining disparate data sources and remove data siloes
  • Strategically using the best data sources, rather than case by case
  • Having timely data available across your organisation
  • Cleaned and curated data available for use
  • Data in the right format to support reporting and analysis

Azure data platform

At Bridgeall we are a Microsoft partner and specialize in the use of Microsoft data services. Depending on the size, complexity and budget restraints will depend on our proposed approach to data solutions for your data platform.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics is the flagship data solution and is key to any Azure data platform. It is where you can store, transform your data and build clear links with your reporting tools. Azure Synapse Analytics allows you to store raw unprocessed data in Azure data lake storage (ADLS v2) and then allows you to easily transform and run analytics on this data using pyspark.

Azure Synapse Analytics is a highly scalable and flexible solution, it offers two different SQL offerings with different processing capability and price Dedicated pool vs serverless SQL pool.

Azure Data Factory

Is the link from your data platform to your data sources. It offers the ability to connect to and extract data from your different systems and data sources, including on-premises data. Azure data factory allows you to pull this data out and includes the ability to manipulate and clean this data as it comes in using a low code data flow capability.

Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric is a new offering from Microsoft that combines Power BI with the power of the Azure data platforms into one unified easy to use platform. It is low code and helps you manage everything in one place, designed to help more people build better data pipelines and improve the quality of data reaching their BI reports. Fabric supports; data modelling, data analytics, data ingestion and machine learning.

But there is a range of others for every need:

Modern data platform guide

Data platform services

At Bridgeall we provide a full range of advise, audit, consultancy and implementation services to help you deliver a great data strategy. We focus on helping you define and meet the objectives that matter to you and provide the most value to your organisation.

We are a Microsoft solution provider for Data & AI on Azure showcasing our qualifications and experience helping customers adopt these solutions.

Azure Data Platform Briefing

Our Azure Data Platform 2-hour briefing is for organisations to see and understand how they could benefit from creating a Data Platform on Microsoft Azure.

Data Landscape assessment

We offer a data landscape assessment to support organisations to gain a better understanding of their data and provide a clear data strategy to move forward. We focus on helping you get your data into your reports to aid your decision making.

Data platform proof of concept

We provide a proof of concept for what a data platform in Azure might look like. We identify a use case and build a proof of concept, getting the data into Azure and then to your reports. To demonstrate the effectiveness of this route vs the cost and help you plan out a full migration.

Data platform implementation

No matter where you are on your data platform journey, we help organisations, review, assess, implement and support their data platforms in Azure. We can work on migration projects from on-premise or other systems as well as helping you to optimise the data platform you already have. Contact us for more information.

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