Modernising Existing Applications

Do you have legacy, on-premise custom applications in your organisation? Are they hard to use, hard to access and perform badly? You aren’t alone. Many organisations change and evolve over time and a need to update your existing applications to keep up with your organisation is key to keep things aligned.

At Bridgeall we offer a range of services to help you make the most of your existing applications. We have a team of certified expert developers with a strong track record of helping organisations get more value from their applications.

Our Approach

We offer a tailor made approach to application modernisation. From simple support to fully rebuild in the cloud we have you covered. How do you decide which route is right for you:

  1. How business critical is the application?
  2. How unstable is the app in its current state?
  3. How are employees finding using the app?
  4. How long is the app required to be working?

Stabilise the application

One of the most immediate needs when you have an aging legacy application is to stabilise its performance. If moving to the cloud might not be right for you just now, we can take on support and maintenance on the application. The benefit of this approach is you can stabilise the performance and ensure that your app delivers the way your organisation needs.

We generally do a review and identify the required fixes and then we can offer a support service on top of this. From bug fixes, performance issues and crashing applications or failing workflows, all of these can be easily identified and fixed. Another common issues is aging development frameworks  and legacy code versions both introduce risk and vulnerabilities into your application.

Move to the cloud

One of the best ways you can improve your legacy app is to move it to the cloud. You can generally improve the performance and stability of your application by moving it to Azure. This also improves the accessibility of the application as it becomes accessible via the internet. Both of these changes can significantly alter the usability of your legacy applications in a positive way.  We also include securing access as a key requirement here, the risk of exposing your business systems to the cloud needs to be balanced against easy access for employees.

Whether you decide to lift and shift to a virtual machine or move to one of the Azure PaaS services such as Azure App Service, the improvements can be significant.

Rearchitect and modernise

Our third approach is to rearchitect your application and fully move your application to the cloud. This is the most robust approach that will offer your application the best longevity.

Taking the underlying processes and functionality of your application and rebuilding it using modern techniques, a cloud first approach and an improved user interface will drive the lifetime of your application and deliver the most value to your organisation with reduced ongoing costs.

Modernising Legacy Applications guide

Application Modernisation Services

At Bridgeall we have over 20 years experiences building and improving custom applications and hold the Microsoft solution partner designation for Digital & App innovation on Azure.

We help organisations modernise their on-premise, older applications. We provide consultancy services to help you identify the best solution for you. From lift and shift from on-premise to the cloud to a full re-architect we provide the full spectrum of modifications and modernisation for your application. We can also do user experience refreshes and bug and performance fixes across these applications.

Lastly we offer support services to ensure your applications perform better for longer.

App modernisation briefing

In this free 2-hour session we discuss and showcase the solutions available through Microsoft Azure to modernise your applications. One of our Microsoft certified developers will run the session.

Application Audit

To help you get you application back on track we offer an Audit  services. During this process we will fully review your application and provide a roadmap to modernise it alongside your business objectives.

Application Support Service

If you are looking to guarantee the performance and reliability of your application with quick bug fixes and an ongoing improvement plan, our application support service is for you. We offer a team of dedicated experts that know your application and provide guaranteed service levels and response times.

Application Modernisation Case Studies

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